Healthcare Workers: Health and Wellbeing – how to live your best life

Welcome to the latest in our supports for Health Care Professionals.

Our most recent webinar, Health & Wellbeing – how to live your best life, took place on September 27th over Zoom, with guest speakers including our own Co-Chairperson Professor Seamus O’Reilly, Co Chairperson Cork ARC and Consultant Medical Oncologist, and Professor Gaye Cunnane, Director of Health & Wellbeing, Royal College of Physicians Ireland.

MC’d by Cork ARC General Manager Catriona O’Mahony, topics included: Wellbeing: why it is important in healthcare, Concepts of Burnout, Incivility, Resilience, Moral Injury, and Solutions: resources, self-care, looking out for others, and working together for organisational change.