We are still here for you. Please phone or email to find out how we can help you during these times.

A safe haven

For people with cancer and their families.

Welcome to Cork ARC

We offer support for people with cancer and their families. Our services include physical therapies, professional counselling and practical information; our aim is to reduce the distressing impact that cancer can have.

If you or a family member has cancer, contact us today to find out how we can help you on your journey. Whatever stage of your diagnosis or treatment, our message is simple – you are not alone.


How you can help

Services provided by Cork ARC Cancer Support House are made possible only through the support and generosity of you, the public. Find out more about fundraising for Cork ARC or make a direct donation.

Our locations

Cork ARC, Cork City

Cork ARC, Bantry

Make Room for Cork ARC

We help people with cancer and their families. To build our future, we need your help.

In 2019, Cork ARC made the move – departing Cliffdale, the original Cork ARC Cancer Support House – and transferred operations to the newly-renovated Sarsfield House. Sarsfield House offers Cork ARC more space, more privacy, and more potential – it is a benchmark centre of excellence for the provision of non-clinical cancer support in Ireland.

For us to help others, we need your support. We ask one simple thing: Make Room for Cork ARC.


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