Our Team


In addition to a multitude of dedicated volunteers, Cork ARC employs a number of staff who co-ordinate service delivery. Our nurses have decades of experience in oncology having worked as Oncology Nurses in hospital and community settings as well as cancer clinical research and touch therapies. Their knowledge of cancer treatments and the side effects is coupled with their understanding of the physical, emotional, psychological, practical, social and financial aspects of cancer.

Our team can help you to understand the landscape of cancer and the physical and emotional changes it may bring to your life. With our Nurse Co-Ordinator team, you can voice any fears and uncertainties you may have. Together, you will be able to explore ways that best support your needs during this time in your life.

Our Nurse Co-Ordinator team bring understanding and compassion to each visitor and that is what makes our service holistic, allowing our supports to be tailor-made to meet your individual needs.

Our staff team are:

Catriona O’Mahony, General Manager
Ellen Joyce, Director of Services
Fiona Moriarty, Breast Cancer Nurse Counsellor
Breeda O’Moore, Nurse Co-Ordinator
Avril Coleman, Nurse Co-Ordinator
Grainne Prendergast, Nurse Co-Ordinator
Katrina Falvey, Nurse Co-Ordinator
Hilary Sullivan, Head of Fundraising and Corporate Affairs
Trisha Arnold, Administrator

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