Managing Advanced Cancer

At Cork ARC Cancer Support House we are acutely aware that while great progress has been made in treating advanced cancers, sometimes called secondary cancer or metastatic cancers (when a cancer comes back), this is still a very isolating time. When cancer returns the burden of fear, psychological distress and emotional turmoil can be devastating for patients and their families. We are committed to making the lives of those affected with advanced or secondary cancer the best it can be.


What is Advanced Cancer?

Learning that you, or someone you care about, has advanced cancer can feel overwhelming. Whether you have been expecting this news or it is completely unexpected, this will be a lot to take in. You may feel helpless and lost. The shock of the news may trigger a wave of emotions, such as anger, guilt, sadness, and fear.

Advanced cancer usually means that it can no longer be cured. This doesn’t mean it can’t be treated. The aim of the treatment here will be to slow down the cancer’s growth, reducing its size, easing your symptoms, and helping you to live longer.

Living With Advanced Cancer

Managing Advanced Cancer can be an extremely isolating experience. We know how difficult this news is to hear, and that you and those closest to you may feel scared and unable to concentrate or focus. Our team at Cork ARC Cancer Support House are here to listen, support and help you and your family.

We understand that everyone is very different in how they respond and act. You might not want to know your prognosis, or
think about a time frame. The reality is that it can be very hard to predict this as many treatments can hold progression of the cancer. Or you may want to know every detail, and understand exactly what is happening. Even within your family, loved ones may react differently with conflicting needs and emotions. The most
important thing at this time is to respect each other and the myriad of emotions that will run through your family.



The minute I walked in the door of Cork ARC, I felt a peace come over me. The house gave me a place where I could feel supported and safe.


I walked a lot and was very fond of exercise, but I had never been to the gym. Being with other guys at the ‘Get Active’ programme really turned my life around. It’s like a new beginning.


You could be sitting at home, saying you don’t want to do it, but the confidence Cork ARC gives you rubs off and you just end up doing it with the group.


I could never draw or paint, yet Art Therapy allowed me to express more than I ever could have in words. I loved the freedom to play with the art materials.


The minute I walked through the door I knew I had done the right thing, I felt myself relax.


It helped to know that my grief is normal and that other people experience similar feelings.

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