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Information on Managing Hormonal Therapies


Information on Managing Hormonal Therapies

The prescription of hormone therapy in the treatment of breast cancer often takes place as hospital treatments are finishing. Many patients report that they feel alone with this form of treatment as they will have less contact with their medical team. 

Cork ARC Cancer Support House hosts information sessions on hormonal therapies. These sessions provide current information and research on choice in the management of the side-effects of hormonal therapies in the treatment of breast cancer. These sessions will provide you with opportunities to ask questions of our trained and experienced facilitators and speakers, and to hear about current research in this area. Perhaps most importantly, you can hear from and share with others who are experiencing similar issues. 

Places at the Information on Managing Hormonal Therapies workshops are free, as are all of Cork ARC’s services, but as spaces are limited booking is essential.

On latest webinar, Managing Hormonal Therapies after a Breast Cancer Diagnosis, took place on April 30th. You can watch the webinar back here

If you would like to find out more about our information sessions on hormonal therapies, please visit our calendar or get in touch to book your place.

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