Cork ARC New Manager

Cork ARC Cancer Support House appoints new General Manager

The Board of Cork ARC Cancer Support House are pleased to announce the appointment of Ms Catriona O’Mahony as General Manager.

Catriona has worked with Cork ARC since 2016 and was responsible for the development and management of Cork ARC Cancer Support House Bantry.

Following an open and competitive recruitment process, Catriona’s extensive knowledge of cancer care from clinical and support settings, along with her keen understanding of the unique needs of Cork ARC Cancer Support House from her time with the organisation stood out to the Board.

Catriona began her career as a Staff Nurse with the Mercy University Hospital, then moving into Palliative Care and Oncology Nursing. Working as an oncology nurse in the community has allowed Catriona to truly understand the patient’s journey, and how organisations like Cork ARC are lifelines for patients and their families.

In welcoming Catriona to her new role, Professor Seamus O’Reilly, Co-Chairperson of Cork ARC, said: ““We are fortunate to have been able to recruit Catriona – she has a broad wealth of knowledge, commitment and experience in supporting cancer patients and their families in our community. Her keen understanding of resources across our centres in Cork City and West Cork will be a wonderful addition to the senior management team. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Catriona for her dedication to our cause. With her involvement we look forward to expanding our services and supports for the people of Cork.”

Catriona said on her appointment, “I feel extremely honoured to be appointed as General Manager of Cork ARC Cancer Support House. Having been based in Cork ARC in Bantry for the last number of years I have seen first-hand the importance of our services to the community at large.”

‘’My aim is that every person who visits our service feels that they are in safe hands and they find a place of shelter with us during their experience with cancer. Cancer is a journey with many bumps along the road but I hope more and more people will make Cork ARC a touchstone of support during their time affected by cancer.”

“Cancer is as much a psychological battle as a physical battle, not just for patients but for their family, friends and extended community. What we see professionally is that dealing with the psychological aspects is very difficult. I am passionate about having professional help like Cork ARC available free of charge to people at this most vulnerable time of their lives. For every oncology patient the outcome is better where their mental health is better.”

“I’m looking forward to playing a larger part in ensuring that our cause is promoted and available for all who need us.”