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Art Therapy


Art Therapy

If you find it difficult to express or put into words what you are feeling, then art therapy may help you to communicate and understand these feelings.

Art therapy helps you to express your feelings in a safe way using a range of artistic materials. Art therapy can be very powerful. The gentle approach of art therapy gives you the space to explore and express thoughts or feelings during and after cancer. Images can help us express where no words exist. It releases emotions and helps patients work through the impact of cancer. 

Art therapy does not require any previous artistic experience or ability to draw or paint to take part. 

Cork ARC’s art therapy group is facilitated by an art therapist in a relaxed and safe environment. Generally, between 6 and 8 people will take part in 2-hour group sessions, which take place over eight weeks.

One-to-one and group art therapy is run with respect and confidentiality in a non-threatening way.


“I could never draw or paint, yet Art Therapy allowed me to express more than I ever could have in words. I loved the freedom to play with the art materials.”

Visitor to Cork ARC

IACT Research

Like other forms of psychotherapy and counselling, art therapy is used to encourage personal growth and increase self-understanding. It can address a range of issues and concerns including confidence and self-esteem, trauma, bereavement and loss, depression, stress, anxiety, addiction, eating disorders and relationship difficulties.

If you would like to find out more about art therapy, please get in contact with us.

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