What you eat is really important when you have cancer. You need to fuel your body with enough calories and nutrients to stay strong. Sometimes it can be hard to get the correct information on what you need, there are so many different websites and materials with conflicting information that patients and their families can feel confused and overwhelmed.

We will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday 10th March at 7pm aimed at giving people the correct information, based on the most recent and up to date information, on diet in cancer.

The dietary requirements for cancer patients are very often misunderstood, from the amount of calories to the nutrient balance to ensure patients have the correct fuel for their journey. Cork ARC Cancer Support House understands that it can be difficult for patients and their loved ones to find the correct information, leaving them feeling confused and overwhelmed. This webinar will provide patients and families with highly specialised, cancer-specific dietary information based on the most up to date research.

The webinar will be introduced by Co-Chairperson and leading Consultant Medical Oncologist, Professor Seamus O’Reilly, who will speak on the importance of diet and nutrition in cancer.

Registered dietitian Diarmuid Duggan will lead the webinar, sharing his extensive experience of working with cancer patients to provide accessible, simple and achievable tips and swaps to ensure cancer patients are getting the nutrients they really need.

“You don’t need to undertake a drastic diet makeover. Just a few simple changes can make a difference, and this webinar will help patients and their families to understand the foods that are easy to access, nourishing, and are suitable if you are struggling with your appetite”.

Commenting on the online service offering at Cork ARC Cancer Support House, Director of Services, Ellen Joyce, said: “Cork ARC has continued throughout the pandemic to provide help, information and support to cancer patients and their families. Despite level 5 restrictions which put on hold almost all of our in-house services, the number of support activities delivered by Cork ARC grew in 2020. We are keenly aware of the need to support patients online at this time, and webinars such as this along with our new website will make great steps in supporting those feeling fearful, anxious and isolated during these difficult times.”

Cork ARC’s virtual Diet in Cancer evening is kindly sponsored by Novartis and will give expert advice and guidance to cancer patients and their families.

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